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Camping Ideas
Old 06-01-2007, 04:17 AM

I did a Camp Learnalot theme last year. I chose to stick more with the "summer camp" theme, but I have other ideas that focused more on camping in general. I made a CAMP LEARNALOT logo if you are interested...Just post your email address, and I'll email the logo and the desk labels that I used.

We tie-dyed "camp shirts" at the beginning of the year and wore them on field trips and for special days (like field day) throughout the year.

Desk Labels...tie-dyed t-shirt shapes with the Camp Learnalot logo and the students' names.

Reading Area...
We had our "campfire" area where we did all of our get-together aloud, morning meetings, sharing of journals, etc. I drew a tent, campfire, and pine trees on butcher paper and laminated them to last all year. A also had a plane flying at the top pulling a sign that said "READ S'MORE" because that was also where my bookshelf was located. I bought kids camping chairs (the foldable kind) and put them in this area, also. Add a styrofoam icechest for books.

Class Jobs...
"Camp Chores": I made clothing pieces (shirt, pants, shorts, etc) and wrote jobs on them. Then I put them on a clothesline with clothespins (with students' names) OR
"We All Pitch In": big tent with sleeping bags (pockets) as each job and popsicle sticks with campers...move the campers around bags to change jobs.

I bought LOTS of wood-like border that I did on all of the BBs. Add a tent (if you're brave), canteens, tackle boxes (maybe as supply buckets??), make binoculars out of toilet paper rolls (we used them for a school tour at the beginning of the year and for when we discussed different perspectives)

I also used the border to make an entry for CAMP LEARNALOT. I put the border up both sides of the door on the outside and at the top I made a hanging sign that said CAMP LEARNALOT (with a logo) and CABIN 6 because that is my room number. I also had small wooden signs that said "Camp Learnalot...20 miles", "Camp Learnalot...10 miles", and "Camp Learnalot...5 miles". Above it I put "HELLO MUDDAH, HELLO FADDAH..." and on my door I put "GREETINGS FROM CAMP LEARNALOTTA" (with music notes). Then I made postcards and pencils with students' names, like they were writing letters home from camp.

Welcome Door...
"Happy Hiking in 3rd Grade"
"Let's Get to Know S'More About Each Other"
"Making Tracks Through 3rd Grade"
"Looks Who's Camping Out in 3rd Grade" (pictures of students on campers)
"BACK For a Year PACKED With Fun" (backpacks)

Work Board...
"Reaching the Summit"
"Mountain of Good Work"
"S'More Great Work"
"Fired Up For Good Work"

Info Board...
"Camp Fire News"...for calendar, lunch menu, newsletter, schedule, etc

Homework Board..."Hooked on Homework" (fishing)

Student of the Week..."Camper of the Week"

Compliment Board..."Fishing For Compliments"

Rules Board..."Happy Campers Have Good Character" (with a big smiley face)

I also made a "Survival Guide" for the parents with all sorts of class info (class list, teacher contact info, schedules, staff names, conference time, study tips, etc.
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