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I loved having tables
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I have been in the same situation- small room with large numbers.

2 years ago, I had 4 rectangular tables for the kids. I could fit 8 around the tables for whole group work, but I needed extra tables around the room for extra space for bigger projects. Lets see, I put baskets in the middle for community supplies. I had baskets for each work folder: word wall words, chunk folder, and poetry binders. These baskets I kept around teh room in various spots.

Each child kept their communication log in their mailboxes, and that is where they stored their take home folders too, and any mail to take home.

Each child had their own reading bag with response journal. I asked for plastic bins this year from really good stuff to replace bags.

This year after much thought and consideration I siwtched to desks. I switched rooms, and they got rid of my rectangular tables. Plus the 28 students I had were really big for first grade, and they were too cramped. They gave me these small trapazoid tables. Which are great for small group work, but not great for projects, and quiet reading times.

So now I have desks again- YUCK.

Anyway, my vote is for TABLES!

I couldn't give away my desk (principal wouldn't allow). BUT I would if I could. So I shoved it in the corner, and put my bookshelf in front of it, and that gave me more space.

With tables it is easier for clean-up. Each child had a sepreate area they were in charge of, and at the end of teh day we had "Room Rescue".
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