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I got these from another board, but they're great so thought I'd get them on this board.
If we all don't row: then we don't go
If you donít climb the mountain...
==>You canít see the view

Doing your best...
==>Means you never stop trying

When you believe in yourself...
==>Anything is possible!

Let your efforts...
==>Rise above your excuses

A mistake is a chance...
==>To try harder

Every choice you make counts...
==>Make choices you can count on!

Be satisfied...
==>With nothing but your best!

If you canít make a mistake ...
==>You canít make anything.

Hi ho! Hi ho! ...
==>Itís off to work we go!

Are you ready kids? ...
==>Aye, aye, Captain!

Weíre all that ...
==>And a bag of chips!
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