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A list of board games
Old 07-02-2007, 07:47 AM

I just started a list of board games:

One of these could be for your behavior system if you were going to use one.... maybe battleship (ceratin number of hits on the ship) or the game of Life?

Aggravation - quiet space, if a student is feeling frustrated?

Risk - an area for "challenge" activities/anchor activities for when students are finished?

Guess Who - if you do mystery readers? this one would be good!

Mastermind - if you have a bulletin board with honoring great samples of school work?

Trivial Pursuit - Question of the Day?

Pictionary - an area of class pictures? of the students or ones they made?

Candy Land -?
Spy Alley - ?
Backgammon - ?
Battleship - ?
The Game of Life - ?
Shoots and Ladders - ?

Okay, this is all I could think of for right now... Good luck!
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