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Classroom Jobs
Old 07-06-2007, 02:09 PM

I am moving from second to first this year and have been thinking a lot about classroom jobs. In the past I have always had one job for every child to ensure everyone has a chance to do each job. I am re-thinking this though, and I think I am going to have 10-15 jobs (some jobs need two people), but put some "vacation" spots on my chart. Then I won't have to "track" their jobs.

Anyway, here are some jobs I am thinking of having:
Lunch count: (2 people) counts lunches
Attendance: makes sure everyone signs in (I am thinking of doing a pocket chart for this)
Messenger/Teacher helper: haven't decided what to call this
Librarian: straightens the library at the end of the day
Line Leader: leads the line
Caboose: turns off lights, closes the door
Inspector: this person dismisses kids to line up
Calendar: helps me do calendar
Scheduler: writes the date, number of the day and changes the specials on the schedule (might have calendar do it all?)
Math helper: gets out the math blocks
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