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Terri -
Here are some of the things I do during calendar. I usually use popscicle sticks to choose kids to answer. I ask them :
-What is the month
-How do you spell it (whole class); close your eyes and spell it
-What is today's number date, what will the date be on Wed.
-At the beginning of the year I do what day was yesterday, what day is today, what day will tomorrow be
-Later in the year I ask what was the date a week before today/after today
-How do you write the date using all numbers (7/6/07) and what does the 7 stand for (month) etc.
-I choose several kids to give equations for today's date (if it is the 6th they might say 7-1=6, 100-94=6, 5+1=6, etc.) They loved this and they get really good at it towards the end of the year with multiplication and division!
-The calendar helper will write the money for the date (6 cents) and then I ask them what coins do we use to show 6 cents (takes longer as you get into bigger numbers since there are more combinations)
-I choose a time and the helper writes it on the digital clock and then I ask where is the minute hand when it's that time, where is the hour hand
-We use the straws to show how many days in school
-We do the weather (sing a song and then helper puts up weather piece)
-I use the hundreds chart in different ways depending on what we are learning. We may skip count by 2s, 3s, 5s, etc. I may ask what is one less then 95 or one more (this confuses some kids) or what is 10 more then 23 or 10 less.
-I have a couple poems that we read.
-These are just some of the things that came to mind. I change it up quite a bit or the kids get bored.
-I attached a couple pictures of my calendar wall from last year.
Hope this helps

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