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I can't attach yet because I'm a "new" member (at least I don't think I can), but I copied and pasted what I use (below). I have this cut out and put on a colorful piece of construction paper and laminate. It stays in the bag with the box. I bought a plain yellow gift bag from the dollar tree (it actually had 2 bags with it one smaller one bigger). I wrote on it: Mystery Bag and some question marks. Then I had this metal box that looks like a miniature lunch box (about 6" by 8" and 3" deep). It opens like a lunch box too. It also has on the front an area to slide a picture or something in it. I think it's a photo box or something. I made a sign that says Mystery box and slid it down in the front. You can use any sturdy box but it would probably be better if it had a flip top of some kind so the top doesn't get lost. The dollar tree, I'm sure, would have something. :-) I took 20 index cards and hole punched a corner and made one a cover that said Clues! I wrote the word Name at the top of each one. I fastened them with one of those ring things (do you know what I mean?). :-) The box, the instructions, and the index booklet goes home with a child each night. I started this in January after our winter break. The kids LOVE this. After the first clue is read, the person calls on ONE student for a guess. If that person doesn't get it he/she reads the second clue and so on. It's kinda like show and tell, but NOT show and tell. I don't have time for that in the day. But the kids love to bring things from home so this gives them the chance. :-) Plus, they get to practice writing and we focus on descriptive words-adjectives. You'll love it. One of my fellow teachers walked in one day while we were doing it and fell in love with it and now she does it too. :-) I hope I made sense with what I was saying... if not I'll elaborate more just let me know. Here's what I send home in the bag (it's colorful and cuter with a border and pictures and bullets for the bottom things). If you want my attachment I can email it to you just let me know. Thanks for the compliments.

Mystery Box

It is your childís turn with our class MYSTERY BOX! Please help your child choose an item to place in the mystery box (it MUST fit in the box). Then, help them decide on 3 clues to share with their classmates about what the item inside the box is.
They must use the index card booklet to write down their 3 clues (should be inside box). Go to the next blank page and let THEM write their name and the clues. When they bring the box back they will come up and read each clue as their classmates try to guess whatís inside! Please return as soon as possible! 

Make sure that THEY do the writing
Make sure the item fits in the box
Make sure they have 3 clues
Make sure the item wonít spill/leak
Make sure everything is returned (bag, box, book & these directions)
Make sure they take care of it
Make sure that they HAVE FUN!
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