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classroom economy
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I teach 4th grade. I pay my students $1 for everyday they come to school. $5 for A on test, $4 for B on test, $3 for C on test, $1 for passing with a D. I do random desk checks for neatness for $5. Anything you really want to pay them for. I have to tell you, parents loved the $ for test scores. Parents told me their child was studying more at home and asking for them to quiz them for tests. They were appreciative that their child was motivated to STUDY!!

I keep a behavior chart made from library card holders with student's name on them glued on a poster board. In each student's card holder I have $1 bill warnig), $5 bill ( note home in agenda), $10 bill (call home to parent), and a $20 bill (disciplinary form to principal). For each unwanted behavior I move the bill in front to the back.

On Friday, I collect $1 for each unwanted behavior as a fine. I explain it like this; if you speed you get a ticket and FINE. If you pay your bills late you must also pay a fine as late charges. I try to connect the "fine thing" to real world situations.

Students save their money in small manilla envelopes inside a math folder they keep in my room. At the end of the 9 weeks, we have a fun day and charge different amounts for each activity and snacks and things of that sort. If you have lots of $$ then you get to do lots more things than those who don't.

Also, if someone comes to my class without pencil or paper, they must use their money to buy one from me. I keep pencils and paper on hand all the time. $3 for paper, $5 for a pencil. I keep the prices steep and my students almost always have pencil and paper with them.

I have used a store before but that got too expensive and kids did'nt like what was in the store.

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