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You probably have about 15 minutes, so sort of plan it out. Have the student's file ready when the parents arrive.

I, too, start out with a positive snippet about the child.

Go through language arts and their child's progress. Explain some things you do in the classroom, with examples of their child's work. Briefly hit on some things coming up within the next quarter.
Do the same with mathematics, showing test copies and reiterating important concepts their child needs to have mastered and what will be introduced/reviewed the rest of the year.

I keep a notebook in my lap open to their child's name. It has notes of things I want to be sure that I discuss during the meeting, including discipline issues if any. I keep it in my lap as to not let the parent sit there and read it while I talk. It may have notations/documentations that I don't necessarily want them to see.

Intermittantly ask if they have questions and wrap up by asking if they have any final questions. Only ask this 2 or 3 times during the meeting.

Your 15 minutes are up!!
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