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Here are some of the rewards I use:

Whole class:
Behavior BINGO- I have a laminated 100 chart and the #'s 1-100 cut up in a jar. For good behavior I draw numbers and color them in on the 100 board using a dry erase marker. When they get a "BINGO" (a straight line) we have a small treat. (popsicles, free time, extra 10 min recess, etc.) Some reasons to draw numbers--
whole class following directions/working quietly etc. = 2-3 numbers
compliment in hallways or in special classes=3 numbers
perfect daily attendance (everyone is present and on time)=5 numbers
And the big one? THIRTY numbers for a good report from a sub. I rarely have a bad report from substitutes!

I like behavior BINGO because the kids never know how long it will take to get a BINGO. When I used the marble jar, the kids were really motivated when the jar was mostly full, but was not as effective when the jar was emptied after a party. Also, I use it for teachable moments when I have time. "I drew a number between 20 and 30 that has a 4 in the ones place. What number did I draw?" or "My number is greater than 12, less than 15 and it is an even number." It teaches the kids to find patterns on the 100 chart as well.

Team rewards:
I give tallies for teams that are on task/working quietly/polite/etc. The team with the most points at the end of the week gets to draw from the pencil box. Points can be taken away for team misbehaviors.

I use a ticket system. The kids get 1 ticket for being at school on time. They also get tickets for being on task/discussion participation/kindness/following directions etc. On Fridays the kids can trade 20 tix for a trip to the treasure box. (although I think this year I might have different "priced" items that they can use to "spend their tickets.)
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