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Love and Logic
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I use the system in my classroom and am a staunch supporter.
If the child continues to disrupt when you put them in the quiet area you again give them an example...I'm really sorry you're having a difficult time working in the quiet can quietly do your work in the quiet area or work in the hall? Which would you like to do? The key is to remain low key, don't change your body language or your voice inflection but show emphathy.

The same thing applies to the one liners...depending on the one liner. "Jim, I'm so sorry you felt that you had to be sarcastic towards me as it makes me feel have two can apologize or stay in for recess. Which would you like to do?" Again, everything is in the tone. The last thing you want to do is for the student to interpret your response as adversariel.

It's my experience it does work on the toughest of the tough...may take longer but it works. The process takes away the incentive for the student to challenge.
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