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My 1st graders read their fluency folders every morning. I introduce 7 phrases or short sentences each week, starting at the 1st week of school.
I write them on sentence strips, on Friday I move them over to the Fluency corner. This is great for extra practice. They read, sort and write them.
Then a list of phrases are added to their folders. The students reread their fluency phrases from week to week. Every week 7 more are added. Some phrases or sentenes are dulicated, but they become very fluent with them. There is a long list, I do 7 a week . I just finished them last week. So our folders are complete.
I also put an ABC chart in, so that, they will become fluent at the begining of the year. Now I just put a list of Blends with pictures for them to read, fast and fluent, I say. This has helped in their journal writing, guided reading, and ORF in the Dibels testing. I have a list. If you want it, let me know.
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