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Calendar Math
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I will be updating my second grade calendar math procedure to use when I move to third grade this year.

We have a series of charts on the math board that we complete each day to review math skills. Often, but not always they relate to the calendar date.

The student of the day completes the charts as we discuss them together.

DATE: What is the date? What will the date be in a week? What day of the week will it be on the 20th?

DAYS IN SCHOOL: How many days have we been in school? How many days are left in the schoolyear. We have two counting charts - one from 1 - 100 and one from 101 - 200. We use 2 different special marker to count down the days left in school and count up the days that have passed in the schoolyear.

LESS THAN/ GREATER THAN - One number is provided in each inequality. The student provides the other number.
291> ____ 642< _____

ODD or EVEN? 432 is _________

MONEY Count the money. (Magnetic coins& bills are on the board.) Write the amount.

MEASURING. A line is drawn on the chart. Students measure & record the length in inches or centimeters.

PATTERN: Continue the pattern. Geometric or numerical patterns are written on a sentence strip. The student extends the pattern. If it is a numeric pattern, they also state the rule.

FRACTION: Name the fraction. Pattern block stickers are used to make many whole shaped divided into fractional parts. Student write the fractions that correspond to the parts.

TIME. A clock is set to a particular time. Student tells the time in at least two ways. Also used for elasped time. Student tells what time it will be in 20 minutes, for example.

WAYS TO MAKE. A number of the day is written on the chart. Students use any operation or combination of operations to write as many number sentences as possible that equal the number of the day.

I'd like to add a chart for DATA/GRAPHING and one for PLACE VALUE, too.
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