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Lifelong Tchr
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Procedures, procedures, and review those
Old 07-30-2007, 05:43 PM

No kidding-the more you rehearse and practice the expectations you've got for your class, the better off you'll be later on!
I don't begin much as far as academics are concerned, other than general writing/reading/math- and that's just to get a feel for what they've retained through the summer.
I go over the expectations for the hallways, restrooms, lining up, cafeteria, using the drinking fountain in our classroom, etc. I have procedures for entering the room and putting lunch money away, etc. You don't want to "procedure them to death" but if there's a special way you want something done, set them up for success by discussing the way you want it done.
You'll need to continue to review these the first 5 weeks or so. During that time, you will begin your reading, writing, math, etc. but always take some time to rehearse your expectations throughout the day.
Best wishes!!
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