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I am sorry to hear about the parent attitude and the number of students involved in these behaviors...but that attitude from a parent and the number of students would not stop me from calling home, and it would not stop me from making comments on the report card. I would bet that some of the students in your classroom are imitating their classmates. They have gotten the message that it is cool, and so they have joined in the has become a means of acceptance.

Parents (and future teachers) need to know about these behaviors. I bet if you asked last year's teacher, you would find that these same children had the same problem last year. This shows a pattern...and it is time the pattern was is time to be respectful.

By your own description, some students in your class are "mean, spiteful, and just downright rude." In my opinion, parents need to know about this, and report cards need to reflect these behaviors. Whether they can be spiteful and rude one minute, and friends the next minute would not matter to me. The spiteful and rude would need to stop.

Calling each other names and making an "L" on a forehead is bullying. It is hurting feelings. It is causing tattling. It is disrupting learning.

Imitating TV or siblings is not an excuse. Eight year olds are mature enough to know right and wrong. Such behavior is wrong.

Just remember...who these kids really are is what they are when no one is looking. It sounds like many of them are not good kids when people are looking, so imagine who they are and what they are doing when no one is looking.

You should not have to go home exhausted each day because you have been the judge and jury all day. We have all have classes that exhaust us to the max because of their behavior. I had two years during my thirty-two year career. I did not enjoy being their teacher...I felt sorry for the good ones...I was a __itch...and that is what it took to get them in line. Rather than giving me a hard time, parents were grateful that I addressed the rude, immature behaviors.

Good luck using TRIBES. I will be sending you positive thoughts, and hope you find some solutions that work with your class.
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