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Me too
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I feel your pain! I too am having the same problems. I haven't heard of TRIBES, so I will definitely check it out. The students truly are mean and ugly to each other. When it comes to recess some of the boys feel they are professional football players - argue and make fun of others who can't play football right. I've taken the football away only to have it happen all over again.
I've seen students put a finger to their mouth reminding others to be quiet. Only to have other students give a shake of the head and an "in your face" look back at them. And the tattling....OMG!!!! I came across a Tattle Sheet in my file and lately I've been using that. Years past the students didn't want to fill it out, it wasn't worth it. This year they don't give it a second thought to fill it out. When a student comes up and starts to tattle I tell the student to take a Tattle Sheet. The Tattle Sheet is where they write what happened, who was involved, who else saw it, how it made them feel, how others felt, then the student needs to write 2 strategies on how they would solve it if it happened again. They give me the Tattle Sheet and that's it. I will read it and act on it if it is necessary, (bullying, physical, etc.) I've found with this group they seem to be satisfied they were able to tell what happened.
I'm too am really struggling. Recently I was sick 3 days and was so happy to be SICK and have time away from the students. I was really sad to go back. But I'm still trying.....
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