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Pirate/Treasure Theme
Old 08-08-2007, 07:19 PM

I am doing a pirate and treasure theme. These are the ideas I have gathered from others on this website along with ideas from a pirate coloring book that I have adapted for my third grade class. Moreover, I had luck in Party City finding pirate theme items. Also, I made a lot of my titles on MS Word with word art and clip arts from online and used a laser printer. Finally, I cut the titles and pictures out, pasted a background and laminated. They look store bought and I spent no money. Hope this helps you run with ideas for your particular setting. I will post pictures as soon as possible.

1. Pirate Bounty= Treasure Chest with treasure; HoTT Items for
class economy
a. Treasure chest
b. coins
2. "Get caught up in…Subject
3. Set Sail with a Good Book… The Pirates Cove= Reading Corner
4. "Open a book...find a treasure!"
5. Message in a Bottle!= Word Wall; find a bottle and place
paper inside or picture of it.
6. Help is on the way!= Ship in the water; life savers (candy
rewards); Reading Strategies:
Navigate through story passages.
P-preview & predict (pictures, graphs, title)
L-look for underlined words
U-underline 1st and last sentence in each paragraph (for
main idea)
N-notice questions (identify type)
D- dissect paragraph (2 words in margin)
E-evaluate answer choices (locate proof in passage)
7. Jack of All Trades!= Vocabulary
a. parrot
8. Sailing into Math Facts!
9. Sea of Writers= Writing Process Captain’s Sailing Log=
Treasure Map or Scroll;
a. Treasure hunt
10. Pirate Grub! Catch of the Day!= Daily Agenda
a. Sword(?)
11. X marks the Spot!= Multiplication
12. **Alphabet**
13. Are you a real treasure?. .Talkers Turn Back!= Rules and
Consequences and Behavior Chart (1st gold coins and gems
of different colors next to a huge treasure chest)
a. Treasure chest/ hunt
b. Coins/gems
Every pirate is paid five cents per day for keeping our five
classroom rules:
· Always tell the truth.
· There is always room for everyone.
· We take care of each other and our things.
· We always try our best to finish our work.
· We take care of little problems ourselves.
14. Ahoy, mates…Third Grade Treasures (writing
their names on little treasure chests)
15. P.I.R.A.T.E.= Prepared, Informed, Ready, And Together
a. Burn edges
16. P.I.R.A.T.E.S.= People In Route to Achieving Terrific
Educational Success
a. Burn the edges
17. "This Week's Crew"= Weekly Job Assignments; Wheels with
pix in the middle
18. Race for Treasure! Arrrr…= Row boats and finish line; AR
19. Pirate Chef= Copy Pirate;
20. Look- Out Point!= telescope
a. spyglasses
21. Beware of the Sharks!=
22. Man the Wheel!=
23. Fair Winds!=
24. Shiver me Timbers!=
25. Land, Ho!=
26. Crafty Coins!
27. Walk the Plank…=

1) "How I Became A Pirate" by Melinda Long and David Shannon
2) "Captain Abdul's Pirate School" by colin McNaughton
3) "The Horrendous Hullaballoo" by Margaret Mahy
4) "Pie Rats Ahoy" By Richard Scarry (They love this one!)
5) "Wembley and the Soggy Map" by Louise Gikow (Fraggle Rock)
6) "Me On The Map" by Joan Sweeney (A Trumpet Book)
7) "I'm The Captain" by Margaret Ballinger (Early Success Book)
8) "Bananas In Pajamas The Treasure Map" By Matt Mitler (Golden Book)
9) "From Here To There" by Margery Cuyler
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