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Re: Intrinsic (sp?) rewards?
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I like you don't like to use a "stop light" system for behavior. As you said, you are consentrating and teaching the bad behavior, not the good. I don't usually give rewards for behavior, I like to reward academics, but some of the things I have heard others do are;

Be the line leader for a trip to lunch, music, where ever.
Be the person or the table to pass out papers, supplies for the next lesson or project.
Be room monitor
Sit next to the teacher at lunch (We ate with the kids)
Hold the flag for the pledge or flag song
Sit where ever you like for silent reading time.

Of course class room rewards, extra recess, popcorn party (or other tasty treats) candy when they have behaved for a long period of time or through an assembly that even you thought was boring. Those kinds of treats can be spur of the moment or let the kids know if they behave, they get a treat. I don't like to do that though because they will always expect a treat for good behavior.
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