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I've done it before and doing it again
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I did a board game theme last year in my classroom. Here are a few things that I did:

1. name plates on desks- scrabble holders and tiles (I spelled their name out with scrabble tiles and printed a tile tray holder. Then I was able to have them practice different math skills by telling them to get on line by whose name added up to different amounts)

2. Guess Who- My introduction for the year was Guess Who is in Ms. Holmes' Class. I made a large guess who board out of poster board, I then took the kids pictures on the first day and placed it up there as well.

3. Game of Life- My student teacher made a job chart that had to do with the Game of Life. She just used regular poster board with pockets that had the job names on it. However, all the kids names were on cars and it said doing our job in the game of life or something like that.

4. Sorry- My classroom behavior management was the game of sorry. The pawn started on the start section and every time they got a compliment from another person we moved the game piece up. After 10 compliments, they reached home and were rewarded with a fun friday activity.

5. Nintendo Gameboys- my labels for their coat and bookbag hooks were Nintendo gameboys. I printed a picture off line and wrote their names on the screens.

I also had Homeworkopoly and I can't remember anything else at the moment but I go back next week and will write you if there is anything else.
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