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Joined: Sep 2005
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I have a file folder for each child in my homeroom. I put every note, important paper, test score, iep, etc.

I have a large folder for the other 2 teachers classes that I teach 1 class per day. It is all mixed together but at least I know where to look for anything for those students.

I have a large hanging file for each subject for future papers

I have file cabinets for each subject that I keep units, supplemental materials, reference, etc.

I also have subject files for everthing that needs to be filed. I sometimes am too busy to file at the moment, so I place those papers in those files and get to them when I can.

I have just started putting tests/answer sheets in clear page protectors that I will keep in binders. I am hoping this also helps.

I never sit at my desk so the top usually is a dumping ground. I have solved this by selling my desk for the day for good behavior. Then I have to clean and organize it at least 1 time a week.

My thoughts is that a clean desk and super organized room is great but I would rather place my efforts on my students and planning my lessons. Every once in a while, I go in on a Saturday or over Spring and Christmas break and spend an entire day getting caught up and filing everything correctly. If not, there is always the end of the year mandatory days that I can do it.
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