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It may be something he can not help
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I say this because it sounds like an Autistic Spectrum disorder called Asperger's Syndrome. These people are EXTREMELY bright but have no or very little social skills. My step son is being tested for it now at age 21. Some of the signs are:
male 5 to 1 ratio
cannot make eye contact when talking
obscessed with certain topics of interest
routine oriented freak out if things change
they speak their mind and have no tact (thus what you said)
no empathy for others
they have normal development as a small child (motor skills, verbal)
they only focus on the present, not future minded at all
they have a hard time reading social clues and facial expressions
they may have nervous tics
can't relate to cause and effect, like natural consequences
they can be oversensitive to smell, touch, light, or sound

Humm, there's more but I forget them all. There is a website called brain talk communities that has forums for all kinds of disorders. There is one for Asperger's and Autism that may give you more help. I think the website is I also have a brochure that I downloaded off line that I could email you if you'd like. Just let me know.

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