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You could have the kids draw a picture of themselves and put some clues of themselves under the picturer and the parents must guess which is their child. I do a bio-poem. Here is the format:

Line 1: First name
Line 2: 2 words to describe student
Line 3: Sibling of (or can use Son/Daughter of)
Line 4: Who loves (1-2 ideas, things, people)
Line 5: Who feels (1-2)
Line 6: Who needs (1-2 things, people, ideas)
Line 7: Who fears (1-2 things or ideas)
Line 8: Who gives (1-2 things or ideas)
Line 9: Who would like to see (1-2 things, people, ideas)
Line 10: Resident of
Line 11: Last name

You can have the students do more than 2 details (depending on grade level). For my third graders 1-2 details seems to be enough.

I have also done this in the past with character analysis.
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