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Student Teacher gift
Old 03-18-2006, 05:43 AM

I, too, had a fantastic Student Teacher this year. I wanted to do something special for her. Here's what we came up with....

1. The kids made a book for her entitled, "You're a GREAT teacher because....." Each student did a page, they finished the sentence and illustrated it. It was so cute, and made her cry!

2. I gave her a really nice apple keychain. I wrote a nice little note in the box that this was for the key to her own classroom which I knew she'd have real soon. She loved this. It showed my confidence in her abilities.

3. I gave her a nice bracelet....not real fancy or expensive. Just wanted something to remember me by! She loved it and wears it everytime I see her!

4. We had a "teacher shower" for her. The students all brought in a small teacher necessity (pens, pack of post-its, stickers, pointers for the board, etc.). I put them all in a nice basket. We enjoyed cake and our last day together. It was really fun!

I truly miss this gal. My kids do, too! She's going to make a fabulous teacher!

Hope this helps you!
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