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Estimation Jar Too
Old 09-04-2007, 02:33 PM

I also use an estimation jar in my classroom to reinforce and master maximum, mimimum, range, median, and mode.

Every Friday I pass out a post-it to each student. One student walks around with the jar and allows students to glance at it without touching. Then once they have decided on an estimation they write it down (along with their name) then I have call students to go up to the dry erase board and stick their estimation post-it up. The students must put their estimation in correct number order independently (this is another mastery standard).

Once all estimations are in, the student who walked around with the jar gets to dump the jar and everyone counts the items in the jars by 5's, 2's, 3's. It is such an great way to practice counting by different numbers. Very repetative. Then as a class we see who was closest and that person gets to take home the jar to fill with items of their choice. We then take all the data and identify maximum, mimimum, range, median, and mode. After that we create a bar graph with the estimations.

The students love the activity, it helps to reinforce the skill on a weekly basis and allows the students to enjoy learning.
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