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vgla burnout

vgla burnout
nameless school district that loves VGLA (ha)
Old 09-05-2007, 12:44 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #13

We've been in school for 3 weeks and my students and I are already falling behind in their vgla notebooks (I rotate among three groups of sped kids in three sets of thankfully-same-grade general ed classes). My poor kids have to stay afterschool where they don't get instruction, just collecting vgla evidence, because the gen ed teacher forgot to save the work, sent it home, spilled stuff on it, doesn't "want to do vgla", etc etc. So my district's solution? Brilliant! (ha). Stick most of the vgla kids into selfcontained sped whether it's appropriate or not! So stupid. But it still leaves me with 5 notebooks for general ed kids plus a self-contained reading class (8 vglas). While I could be teaching my kids useful reading things, or practicing decoding and sightwords (which proved useful with this group after vgla last year), I sit and do vgla- using the simplest activites. My goal in reading at least is just to get it done with as early as possible. These notebooks don't show mastery or growth. They just show that after 10 times students can do the same worksheet correctly....

It COULD be a good system if work actually were collected, and if all kids who failed the SOL regardless of reason are now VGLA. (yes, "we" found several kids eligble last year solely to get vgla instead of sol).
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