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Last year our school did "Hardwork Cafe" At the end of every month we rewarded students who had done an outstanding job that month. We divided our staff into groups and each group was responsible for planning and supervising the activity for that month. some of the months I can remember:

Hawaiian Luau-We had pineapple bowling, taught the kids to hula, hula hoop contests, fruit kabobs as snack, gave away lais, etc.

Baseball-played wiffleball, had hotdogs and popcorn, the mascot from our local team came, we raffled off tickets to our local baseball team (they donated them),

Boardgames-The gym was set up as stations and the kids could pick the games they wanted to wanted

Movies-We had a movie for primary and a movie for intermediate. We showed them using a projection on the gym wall.

Dance party-We taught them the chicken dance, hokey pokey, cha cha slide etc.

Teacher talent-the teachers put on a talent show for the kids

These are all that I can remember.
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