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folded haunted house EASY!
Old 10-05-2007, 04:28 PM

I will attempt to explain the folding.

Use a 18X12 black piece of construction paper (You can practice on your printer paper)
Holding it vertically, fold the top edge down flush to the bottom (hamburger fold).

With the hamburger still in front of you fold the right edge to the left edge.

Open the last fold and notice the crease in the center.

Fold the right and left edge flush with the center crease.

Now comes the tricky part, lift the top left center one layer corner and force it to the left. You should see what looks like the bottom of a half rowboat, take the crease in the bow of the boat and lay it on the crease below it. You may need to stick your finger into the corner.
Press it down evenly.

Repeat for the right side of the house.

Now you have the framework of the house. The Farmer in the Dell poem goes inside the door. We use the parts of speech brainstorming to help us decorate our haunted houses and to write our poems.

I just supply my scrap box and let the kids decorate, the only guidelines I set down are what types of things are appropriate for school. I am always amazed at the creativity on their houses and even beyond as they create things that extend off their houses.

The published poems fit inside the doors. The house and the poem can easily be done in 2 45 min lessons.


I would be happy to post the parts of speech poem that goes with it.

If anyone gets this far and had success making the house with these directions please let me know (and if wasn't clear as well).

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