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Colonial Unit
Old 10-14-2007, 05:40 PM

We do a huge colonial unit in our school. The kids really love it.

We start with a book from Evan Moore called History Pockets: Colonial America. This book is AWESOME! The kids make a book with a pocket for topics like: Intro to Colonial America; Homes; School; Foods; Native Americas; Famous People...
We have 5 teachers, so we move from classroom to classroom and teach one topic each to each group of students. The book is grades 3-6 so we pick and choose the activites we want to do. There are PLENTY to pick from.
When we are done switching the kids have created this great book that they can keep of all the things they learned about Colonial America.

After that, we divide our classrooms into 4 topics: School, Jobs, Games and Home Life. Each student researches and creates projects focused on this one theme.
The art teacher works with us and she has the students create a colonial weaving and the Music teacher puts together a music program focused on a colonial theme.
All our study is presented to the parents on our Colonial Night. We start with a half hour in our classrooms that we turn into a Colonial Village. Kids are presenting what the learned in a "colonial village where they have store fronts to talk about their jobs, colonial school where they are students and a teacher...(dunce chair included!) , an outside scene where they play games (nine mens morrice, nine pins, jack straws...), and a colonial home where they share colonial food (johnny cakes, flap jacks, indian pudding...).

After that, the parents head down to our gym where they wait for the students to come in and perform their music program.

This has been a highlight of third grade at our school since the school opened 5 years ago. It's always a huge hit.

....okay, so anyway, the book is really good and FULL of activites to teach about Colonial America....Sorry if I took off on beaming about our unit. We love it very much!
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