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Rice Wreaths
Old 11-09-2007, 07:24 PM

My first grade class has done these for the past couple of years and we love it!


What You Need:
long grain rice
white glue
green food coloring
margarine or sour cream container
plastic lid ( from sour cream)
paper clip
red beads, sparkle dust, bows

What You Do:
In a margarine or sour cream container - mix enough glue with about 1/4 cup of rice to make it gooey.

Add food coloring to make a Christmas green and mix well (I give the children plastic gloves so they can use their hands to mix).

Put the mixture on a lid and form it into a wreath. You can also form these on wax paper and leave them to dry.

Stick a paper clip into the back while the mixture is still wet.

Let it dry overnight.

Take it off the lid and glue red beads in groups of three and some sparkle dust and maybe a bow.

You can leave it as is or use the individual pictures and tape them into the middle of the wreath for a great keepsake.
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