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Pilgrim & Indian games
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I have my book at school and just looked at posts tonight. Let's see what I can remember off the top of my head.

1. hide the bean under 1 of 3 walnut shells --you know, the old magic trick, I usually put a few of these out and they play with a partner

2. take a paint stick (probably should be one from outside but...) decorate 1 side only. they toss it and get a point if it lands decorated side up

3. take 4 sticks (I use popsicle sticks) place on closed fingers (palm down) toss the sticks and try to catch as many as you can

4. stone poison--played outside, it's tag but the stones are safe

5. hop,skip,jump--they start at one point, take 3 hops on 1 foot, take 5 skips--amazing how many have trouble skipping, then take 1 broad jump. see who gets the farthest

6. take 2 sticks again, put tape on one end of 1, hide behind their backs and their partner has to guess which stick has the tape.

7. And the ultimate favorite----I tie a small piece of cardboard with a large center hole to a stick. they have to "spear" the "fish". get the stick in the hole.

These are done in center type formation and they play for about 5 minutes each. Obviously, these can be adjusted in any way but they really love doing these especially since they think it was so boring then!

Hope this is clear enough, let me know if you need anymore clarification.
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