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I'm in a middle school, so classes change every 45 minutes.

*Detailed lesson plans
*Seating charts
*Map of the school
*Instructions for Emergency Lockdowns, Fire and Tornado Emergencies
and Crisis Evacuation plans
*Daily schedule (times of each class, lunch, etc.)
*Instructions on who to contact for behavior issues, etc (names and
extension numbers)
*Information on who needs to go to the office for medications and when
they go

If I have a good educational article I may leave that. I have 2 paraprofessionals that are in and out of my room throughout the day, so I also leave their schedules and a note explaining that they can probably answer any questions.
I place all necessary books, worksheets, etc. with post-it notes identifying which class, etc. it is for, on my desk with the sub folder on top.
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