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I teach First Grade
Old 01-29-2008, 04:17 PM

I do Read and Write the Room. Each week (or 2) we do centers based on themes. Sometimes we have Read and Write the room and sometimes we don't. The tasks (or hunts) are based on the theme or some skills that we are learning.

Here are some that we have done:
  • words that begin with specific sounds (Beginning Sound HUnt)
  • Words that begin with specific beginning blends
  • Words that have certain chunks in them (Find and record words that have the "at" chunk)
  • Hunt for words that end with a certain sound
  • Hunt for the week's sight words around the room and record it down every time you find it
These are just some of the ones we've done so far. This is my first time doing this center. I've done other versions of this sort of thing but not exactly this.

I hope this helps you,
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