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Here's an idea...
Old 01-30-2008, 06:51 PM

The book I Wanna Iguana is very cute and short. A boy and his mother write letters back and forth about the boy getting an iguana. Each letter from the boy uses persuasion tactics, and each letter from the mother counters the persuasion. I read this with my third graders. We then brainstormed as a class possible things they would want to persuade their parents. Then, I set up a block chart (Sorry, cannot attach, I'm still a new member. )
But I drew a circle in the middle: What I want
Then I drew a line at the top that said: Audience
Then below the circle: Three reasons for your persuasion
Three lines: Address parental concerns
Concluding statement

For example:
Audience: Parents
Want/Persuasion: Pet
Three reasons: I am responsible, I will take care of it, I will use allowance to take care of it
Counter arguments: I know you think I won't take care of it, but I know how much work it is...It's too expensive, so I will save money to buy it and contribute allowance for food/maintence
Statement: I hope you will consider my reasons for wanting a new pet.

Hope this is useful!
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