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To me, being able to write several paragraph sounds like a huge task for the beginning of 2nd year language. I would start by front-loading vocabulary and "stock phrases" that would be useful in talking about a very limited subject. (What do you do in the morning before school? What is your favorite season and why?) After talking about the prompt, then you could ask the student to write a few sentences, basically putting on paper what the two of you had just said.

You could use a photo or a drawing and name the things in the picture and then talk/write about them.

You might try dictating a few sentences in French and having her write them down (practice with French spelling, breaking sounds down into words, etc.).

I would not recommend having her translate from English to French. You are trying to get her to the point where she can function directly in French. Translating word for word sabotages that. Also one of the skills that people need to use when learning a language is the "work around." (I don't know the word for "breakfast", so instead of saying I got up and ate breakfast, I might say I got up and had coffee and a croissant.) Translating eliminates the possibility of expressing the important ideas in other words.
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