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Joined: Aug 2007
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Clip to ScrapBook #9

I use both and and not afraid to admit it. Sometimes, a student needs to know he/she is not doing the right thing and the expectation is that he/she do the right thing. Randomly praising another student may or may not get the student doing the wrong thing to do the right thing. However, my specifically reminding a specific student to do the right thing pretty much always works. I do what works.

As for your situation, I'd continue doing what works when admin isn't in your room. When they are in your room, make it a point to do what they have asked.

There are times when I walk about the room and say things like, "I like how you are working hard" or "I like how you are on task" or whatever. I can easily get in 10-12 positive statements in less than 1 minute, lol! And mine aren't fake! I truly do like what I see and am not afraid to let students know it.

At the same time, I'm not afraid to state my displeasure, either.

I refuse to do something that I don't believe is in the best interest of students/learning. I'll do it when being observed, but the rest of the time, I do what works for me.

My students love me, so I'm not too worried about having scarred them, lol.
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