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Joined: Jun 2014
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I am tired of people being paid to sit
Old 10-22-2017, 11:36 AM
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and tally something like that while some of us have a ton of kids to teach. They need to really do something productive and quit wasting $$ and time like that! If you could use that person(admin) as a tutor, at least 1 kid would learn something from them being in your room.
The specific praise works and direct instructions like sit down,stop ____ work for different types of kids at different times. Picture Johnny pulling the fire alarm and some1 says : I like the way most of you are walking w/ your hands to your sides. ... Ignoring the pull of the fire alarm!
Some admin treat teachers like morons. It is idiotic to waste time tallying how many times a teacher uses direct praise or anything. I am sorry you work w/ such a person. When I was younger, I remember "playing the game" in situations like that too. As I get, I seriously ( for the most part) don't. We have a different type of admin though too. Good luck! Maybe the tallying will stop and you can get back to teaching!
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