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Clip to ScrapBook #33

This is a big part of the new cr$# my school is pushing. Before anyone jumps in, I use this technique frequently, mostly because I've been told to do so. However, it feels very fake.

The really wrong part is that we are praising kids for doing what they are supposed to do. You are supposed to do those things because it is the right thing to do to learn, not because you receive praise for it.

The other part is that some kids need to hear a direct command from the teacher to respond. John is not paying any attention to me praising Susie but what John does here is "John! Put your pencil away and eyes on me!" That's what works for John. Good teachers figure out which kids need constant positive and which kids need direct commands. Sometimes kids need both but the average observer in my class isn't going to know that.

I'm guessing they told you how many compliments to give each student each day as well. There was a collective jaw drop at my school because we all thought we were there to teach.

However, as a PP said, if they come to click, I'll keep them busy with fake positive compliments for everything from having their feet on the floor to smiling at their neighbor. Sorry, meant to say, you should keep them busy. So far, we have not resorted to clicking here and I don't see that coming. I'll let you know once I've been observed!
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