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Joined: Nov 2013
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Are we prisoners? Can you imagine yourself in an interview and they ask you to sign a $3000 penalty if you break the contract? That should raise a big huge red flag to any person considering such position. Can someone please slap me.

Why a teacher is obligated to stay more than two weeks in a position that is harmful to her health is beyond me. It is unreasonable to expect a teacher to work in a hostile environment and stay in there until the end of the contract. We should be the ones suing the department of education for having for endangering our lives.

Now days teachers are prisoners in schools were administrator are playing the games, students and parents run over the teachers because administrators and school districts let them. As long as the parent, and student are happy and they don't sue the school, administrators will let them get away with murder. Not only that, other teachers can also make your life miserable if they are part of the problem and you don't want to play along.

In addition to everything else, administrator will ask you to do things that are against the law and to be quiet about it. It is always our fault.

In summary, the problem is ourselves. We are unable to get together and demand respect, integrity, equality, and what's right. We stay quiet when we should speak up. When, one speak up, we don't support. We tell ourselves lay low and don't make waves.

I hope they counter sue this school.

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