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Clip to ScrapBook #2

Talking isn't the problem. Talking is only a problem because of its effect, and it's usually a problem for one or more of a few reasons:

1) student is not paying attention to instruction
2) student is preventing others from paying attention to instruction because he's engaged in conversation with them
3) student is not working independently
4) student is preventing others from working independently by being a distraction
5) student is slower to perform tasks than he could otherwise be

For 1&2 -- you can develop the skill of seeing who is talking by recognizing body language, lip movement, and whether they're "with you" during instrution

For 3 & 5 -- as you circulate the classroom, you'll see that talking student isn't working efficiently AND/OR you implement time limits for independent work and consequences for not finishing and let the talking sort itself out

For 4 -- this one is the only one I can see peer monitoring working -- teach th class a quiet signal for them to give you if another student(s) is preventing them from focusing because of chatter. They give the signal - a quiet coyote hand signal or a finger in the air or hand on head or whatever - and you can look in that direction for the body language/lip movement. Eventually, the talkative student might even self-check before you have to do anything.

Anyway, those are just some of my brainstorms.

I would not do clip charts at all, but especially not for something you can't personally monitor.
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