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My brain cannot determine the source if there are multiple sources of noise. I hear it from all directions at once. And for some reason, I don't notice visual clues if there are more than one. I suspect my attention is diverted so rapidly that it's impossible to focus on just one off-task student, kind of like how a school of fish distracts a shark.

If there's just one pair of students off-task or talking, I can deal with it. But if there are two or three locations, I see all students on-task with noise being "piped in" via a loudspeaker. All I can do is bark at the whole class.

This was first realized last year, after a decade of wondering why every class management technique fails when I attempt it. I do what other teachers use, but after a month of establishing procedures, these techniques become steadily less-effective. I'll spend more and more time "practicing procedures" during the year just to slow the decline.

One quarter into the year, there are now students ignoring call-back signals. Students are starting to talk before I finish one sentence of instruction. Students start talking as soon as I start small group time. Students will start talking when someone enters the classroom with a question. The second I'm no longer looking directly at the entire class, the noise starts, and I have no idea who is doing it. The students see that my expectations cannot be enforced, and the problem gets worse.

Circulating the room, visual scanning, positive reinforcement, table points, etc. all eventually fail by the middle of the year. I can only conclude that there is a sensory issue that prevents me from picking out individuals.

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