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I'm in my third year of retirement and feel that I'm still recovering from having worked with some of the worse kind of people - aides, teachers, principals, assistant principals, psychologists. You name it and I've probably experienced it! No, there's not much that I miss.

I do highly recommend that new retirees with a bit of time and energy on their hands go out and experience something completely different. For me, that meant working part-time in the private sector in a store that is part of a huge supermarket chain. My job allows me to get to know everyone in every department. I love going behind the scenes learning how such a single successful store can net a whopping $1.5 million per week! After leaving a career in which friendly co-workers were almost non-existent and yearly goals were never achieved, it was refreshing to finally work for a successful company among fellow employees who always greet each other with, "How are you doin'?" Some will call my name with a big smile from across the store to say "Hi!" and others like to call me by friendly nicknames that they've chosen for me! I'm always amazed that working stiffs who earn just $15-25 an hour all seem to enjoy their jobs so much.

I understand that my previous public sector career was in a field run by people who were not accountable to any bottom line. Fortunately, I now get to witness first-hand what can be accomplished when things are done right. I sometimes try to imagine a school run by my current employer.
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