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Doesn't this say it all??
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Clip to ScrapBook #11

Resource teachers had desks and tables in the hallway. No proper room. So pull outs were done in the hallway.

No time to respond in depth, but I feel more misunderstood (as in, most gen. ed. teachers and yes, principals and admin.) don't know what special ed. even is and how a sped evaluation is conducted. Even fewer know what proper interventions look like for a child they are deeply concerned about.

I think, since I've been in my building for many years, I'm respected as a professional and everyone who knows me knows I work very hard. I just don't think they think I work 'as hard' as they do because I don't have as many kids at a time. Also, gen. ed. teachers here and IRL think they have the same amount of paperwork to complete. IME, that is not correct. Not even close. I do academic testing, observations, evaluations and write them up, and IEPs. This is just a sampling. Right now, I am working on a change of placement to life skills and doing almost all the paperwork because I'm case manager and have had the kid for multiple years.

It's frustrating. I'm sorry .
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