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Sped is not respected
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I'm sorry about your situation. I have never felt respected as a special ed. teacher. Even though I always worked extremely hard and had good evaluations, every school district has non-renewed because I am sped. I have had to watch new and young gen. ed teachers get the best desk/classrooms, best materials and glowing evaluations. Meanwhile, I don't even HAVE a desk...nothing!!. Not even a place to hang my coat. I have to drag bags around all day and everyday I wake up with a stiff neck and sore lower back.

I have tried to find jobs in general ed. but I just can't and I think it is because I am an older teacher. I am currently in a new sped position with two general ed. teachers who are much younger than I and they treat me like an aide. They don't plan or collaborate with me, even though they are supposed to. They also won't share plans with me and blame me when something goes wrong. Sped teachers are NOT treated or respected as real teachers. Even though we have the same degrees and more, we will never be treated with respect.

My supervisor is also very young and LOVES the young teachers just ripped me apart on my formal observation. It wasn't the best lesson, but the sped kids were having issues that day - lucky me - and of course, I am the blame for everything. I feel so worn and weary that I really think I am awful teacher and can't do anything right. After my meeting about my observation, I can sadly see where this is heading and I realize now that it won't work out for me in this district.

I have decided to break my contract and submit my letter of resignation at the end of the month. I know I will be non-renewed and I just can't go through the humiliation of it again. I went through it twice already and I have just had enough. I hate feeling like outsider all the time and I am also really tired of hearing how everyone knows what is best for the sped kids, when none of these experts have any formal training in sped.
I am taking a big risk for when I quit I won't have any income or health insurance, but I just can't take it anymore.

I won't take another sped job and wish I could find a job in the private sector again. Good luck, I hope you can find a better position - you deserve it!
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