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Why I Sub
Old 11-07-2017, 03:43 PM
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I sub for several reasons. It pays more than most retail jobs per hour. It is very flexible, and I don't always feel like going into work everyday Monday through Friday. I can take a day off and carry on with my own business to break up the work week. I have choices.

I was a teacher and had a terrible last year. So, I always told myself that I will do my own thing when I leave education full time. I have a part time business. Substitute teaching also contributes to my pension, and that is a huge plus. I currently have about 20 years of education, so again I keep adding more time to my pension the more I work as a substitute.

Being a full time teacher is definitely not what it used to be. There are too many bosses and people telling you what to do. Admin, teachers, coaches, parents, and the kids! As a sub, you are sort of a free agent in a way. Sure most people are your boss in a school, but an advantage is that they don't know you! And you don't have to stick around the next day if you choose not to!
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