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All this is true...BUT there is still information we don't have so we can't yet ascertain the "meaning" of the 110 (other than it's the new cut score) OR how it is figured. Here are the requirements we do know:

1. Candidates must earn a total WEIGHTED score at or above the Performance Standard of 110.

2. Candidates must earn a minimill UNWEIGHTED average score of 1.75 on C1

3. Candidates must earn a minimum UNWEIGHTED average score of 1.75 across Components 2, 3, and 4.

What we DON'T yet know are how the scores are going to be WEIGHTED. We know the percentage weights, but not WEIGHTED SCALE SCORE. Here is the definition of Weighted Scale Score: A component or exercise score that has been multiplied by a scaling weight (a number) that reflects its importance or weight within the total assessment and transforms the score to a scale different than the rubric score scale. Score reports given in 2015 and 2016 contained only the UNWEIGHTED, RAW rubric scale scores. The 2017 score reports will have the scaling weights and weighted scaled scores.

By early Dec., there should be a new sample score report, a score calculator and a revised Scoring Guide which will be shared BEFORE scores are released.

That is all I know. I wish we had ALL the pieces of this puzzle, but hopefully they will be along soon. Hang in there everyone!
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