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Clip to ScrapBook #15

fubuman and Sarahehbeth: The NB shared this information with various state "networks" of Professional Learning Facilitators (formerly known as Candidate Support Providers) in each state. Those FLPs were then free to share the info with other FLPs and candidates. Some shared with candidates, some didn't - mainly because until all the other parts of the puzzle become known, it's impossible to garner any real meaning from the number 110.

It's not on the website as far as I can tell. I couldn't find it anywhere.

There has been a score calculator on the NB site for years, but it was calculated for the OLD scoring process. If it's still there it is useless.

The NB has said that in "early Dec. - and God only knows what THAT means", they will add a new scoring guide, scoring calculator and the remaining information that will allow us to decipher the meaning of the 110 - how it's calculated etc. My guess is that all that will come first...then actual scores will be released.

Beyond that I have no clue!

So don't beat yourself up for not understanding this. It's UN-UNDERSTANDABLE in it's current form. We just have to be patient!
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