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Clip to ScrapBook #4

There are some posters on here who have very good advice. Test taking strategies and time management are very important too.

A long time ago I had to take the MSAT to become an elementary teacher. It's now the CSET I believe. I had to take the test several times to pass it. I was in a rut and finally made it, but eventually you'll pass your test if you really want it. Try a couple of new strategies to pass it every time you take it. Don't take it the same way each time. That way, one particular combination of strategies will work for you.

I taught in elementary for about 18 or 19 years. I had to leave my job because I had an awful class. The school was terrible as well. Now I substitute teach. I am finding that I like to be in the classroom on a very part time basis. Two or three days a week max. I have a weekend job as well. I think I will sub for a couple of more years and then eventually leave education for good.

My point is that not everything lasts forever. I could go back to teaching full time if I really wanted it, but I feel I am finally getting this profession out of my system. I am happy about that. Your problems will pass as well, and this is just a phase you are going through.
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