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Same Here!!!!
Old 11-16-2017, 01:19 PM
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Oh my goodness do I feel your frustration!!! I have taken the Texas Math Certification Exam (TeXes) 4 times now and I am soooooo dejected. In Texas you can attempt only up to 5 times, so I am very nervous about taking it one more time, because if I do not pass I will not be able to teach high school math.

My certification is in Elementary Education, but I have been wanting for some time now to switch to the high school level. (I quit elementary teaching years ago, and have now been subbing in high school for a while - I have found that I enjoy working with older kids much more than I do the wee ones).

My issue is the TIME LIMIT. 5 hours initially seems like enough time, but there are 100 problems so it amounts to 3 minutes per problem. Most questions are not simple and straightforward, and require a lot of advanced thinking which I just can't get done in 3 minutes per question!!! I have found it almost next to nearly impossible to finish on time... and end up guessing on questions I do not finish.

So I understand EXACTLY how you feel Mei26... It is frustrating beyond belief.
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