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Sight words
Old 11-19-2017, 04:13 AM
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When I introduce new sight words, we look at the word, say the word, clap out the sounds, talk about the letters in the word, talk about the sounds in the word-do they make sense, then the students build the word several times using letter cards. Last we might read sentences with the sight word.

Ex. Was
Boys and girls, this is the word "was". Please say it with me three times. (Was, was, was)
Let's clap out the sounds we heard in "was". (W u z).
How many sounds? (3)
How many letters? (3)
what is the first sound we hear? (/W/) Good, does w make the /w/ sound? (Yes)
What is the next sound we hear? (/u/) Does a make the /u/ sound? (Not usually in the middle of a word. It might say /u/ at the beginning of a word, like "about". This is why this is a sight word. You have to memorize it.)
What is the last sound we hear? (/z/) Can s make the sound for z? (Yes, sometimes.)
Let's take our letter cards and build the word "was". W-a-s. Tap each letter as you spell it. Now swipe under the letters and say it-was. Have the students scramble the letters, rebuilding the word each time, spelling the letters, and reading the word.
Give the student a sentence to read that has the sight word in the sentence.

If I introduce more than one word, I use different color letter tiles for the next word. All of the materials are sent home with the student so that they can practice at home with their parents.
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