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Identical procedures does not produce identical results
Old 11-20-2017, 06:29 PM
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My curriculum coach came in at 3:00 to demonstrate end-of-day procedures for my third-grade class. Her procedure was nearly identical to mine. I'm baffled as to why it worked for her but takes ten minutes for me.
She had the kids clean up the floor up while she counted down slowly from ten. When she got to zero, the students were in their seats and the floor was clean.

She dismissed two tables at a time to get their stuff from cubbies and go-home folders, then return to their desks. When everyone was in their seat, they lined up by transportation method. The whole thing took four minutes.
I have the kids clean up the floor while I count down from 30 seconds. It's the same amount of time, but afterwards, the floor is still not clean and half the class is still out of their seats. I'll count down from 20 to get everyone back in their seats. However, some students are still fooling around, so it takes a bit longer to get everyone seated again.

The students are directed to clean up the floor again. When a table is done, I'll let them get their stuff. Otherwise, they have to pick up paper, eraser bits, pencil shaving, snack wrappers, and other things they chose not to pick up the first time.

Immediately, there is a bottleneck when they get their stuff. They have backpacks in cubbies and go-home folders in three different locations (ten students per location). It takes so long for a student to find his folder, and get the stuff out, that students from the first table are still there when the last table arrives.

After four or five minutes, most students are sitting back down. Some have still neglected to clean their area, but have gotten their stuff anyway without my notice. Others are still trying to get backpacks loaded, while a few students have forgotten to check their folders. It's now almost time to line up, and my four Check-in/Check-Out students return after checking-out with their mentor teacher. They quickly proceed to socialize instead of getting ready to leave.

We stand up quietly. When the class chooses not to, students have to sit back down and practice that expectation again. After three times, we have to line up anyway because we can't miss the bus. They're directed to line up quietly. When they choose not to do that, they are directed to return to their desks and try it again. That usually takes once but sometimes three times before it's time to walk out the door.

We're now dismissing from class. Some students are still sitting down because they forgot to stand up and get in line, or because they're trying to shove things into backpacks or desks.

The procedures are almost identical, but the results are vastly different.

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